air conEarlier this year we contacted regular audience members concerning the impact of the hot weather on Acapela events and our desire to provide a suitable air conditioning system to ensure that the venue was comfortable whatever the weather outside. It was also clear that the humidity and condensation created with the extreme weather conditions especially on sell out events was impacting seriously on the interior fabric of the building something that we urgently needed to rectify.

We asked you for help in finding a solution and we were inundated with suggestions on who could help and how we could pay for the much needed air conditioning system. We have now with the expert help of “Steve” (an enthusiastic audience member) agreed the installation of a air conditioning system in January which will alleviate the above issues. Thanks for your help Steve!

However the cost of this system is in excess of £30,000, which for a small music venue is very difficult to contemplate and obviously has some considerable risk, especially when other music venues are closing down because of financial pressures on all sides. We were however overwhelmed by the response we received from audience members who unsolicited said they were quite prepared to accept an increase in ticket prices to see the improvements made.

As a result in the first week of January a new air conditioning system should be installed ready for those SELL OUT CONCERTS and SUMMER NIGHTS!!

To enable us to fund this we will be adding £1 to all ticket prices for all NEW concerts announced in 2020, hopefully everyone will understand our motivation behind this and I do believe the improvements will both in the short term and long term be beneficial to both audience members and artists. As we already have events booked in our schedule well into autumn 2020 the reality is that it could take us nearly 2 years to finance the much needed developments through this increase.

As we are unable to add this £1 to existing concerts on sale due to the contracts we have already drafted with artists, we have added to all existing events a method of allowing ticket buyers on the website to add a donation to the air conditioning fund if purchasing tickets for events already live.

We would like to thank you for all your wonderful support which has enabled us to confidently make this change ensuring that Acapela is the “coolest” music venue in Wales …..or probably the world!