Venues big and small say reopening with social distancing often doesn’t make sense. Hywel Wigley, from Acapela studios, said: “The capacity is about 200 and we need about 70-80 per cent capacity in order to break even.

“On top of that we have bar staff – there’s up to about 18 part-time staff here,” he said.

“All have been furloughed. In order to make the place work, we need a critical number. Now social distancing, we wouldn’t be able to cover the break even point. “There’s a role for the government to step in here and intervene and help venues like us. When we are coming out of Covid-19, people will be looking forward to coming out – and it’s important that we’re here to serve the community.”

The UK Government said its rescue package for the arts industry means Wales would get £59 million pounds in funding. The Welsh Government will decide how that’s spent and today the First Minister said an announcement was imminent.

Speaking at the Welsh Government’s final daily press briefing, Mark Drakeford told journalists: “The conversations we are having, the plans we are drawing up, with the Arts Council for Wales and others, are drawing to a conclusion.

“There will be further ministerial meetings on that today. We’ll confirm the final details at the start of next week, and we’re optimistic now that we will be able to make detailed announcements.”

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