The return of China Crisis to the live stage is always an event and tonight visiting Acapela as part of their Retro Tour, they proved that they still have the skills and chops to produce a fantastic show.
Firstly though we were introduced to Norwegian Electronica and vibraphone player, Vidar Norheim for a short support set.
It’s been a while since China Crisis have been out on the road for a tour but they showed absolutely no signs of being ring rusty or complacent as part of the growing 80s music Revival Scene. China Crisis have always been Gary Daly, Vocals (Keys on albums) & Eddie Lundon – Guitars & Vocals. Tonight they are accompanied by Jack Hymers – Keys & Vocals and Eric Animan -Sax.
Many a word has been written on why people from Liverpool seem to have an in-built comedic strata that runs through their personalities but suffice to say Gary Daly could well have had a career in stand-up comedy. He was absolutely hilarious and had the crowd in stitches all night. This is an aspect that you never saw in their hit -laden catalogue or on their glossy 80s videos. But it went down a storm in the Chapel tonight. Perhaps I should explain a bit more. To read the full review visit the Meetwood Flac Blog – click here.