Since the 7th August the venue had held 22 events and we thought we would let you have feedback as to how things have gone to date. It has been wonderful to see audiences back at Acapela enjoying live music.Reopening Covid rules

Too date we have received very positive feedback (and have received no issues reported with regard to Covid operation concerns)  as to how we are currently operating.  See the full venue covid guidelines here.

We have received positive feedback from audiences concerning the “fresh” atmosphere in the venue as a result of the air conditioning pumping in air directly from outside, also the installation of  “Viruskiller” air cleaning units that are on the walls of the venue. With the venue being deep cleaned with fogging machines prior to events, new wipe down tables in the music hall and bar area, together with sanitising stations located across the venue it has certainly made the venue very welcoming. From feedback received from audience members who have recently gone to other music venues it appears that Acapela has gone much further than others in looking to keep our audience members safe and comfortable.

This week the Welsh Govt introduced the requirement that Covid passports would be a legal requirement for all indoor venues with a capacity over 500. This obviously does not impact on Acapela with our capacity being restricted to 200. As a result we are currently not going to request sight of Covid passports. However we would ask that all audience members either be double vaccinated or if for some reason are not able to do so, undertake a lateral flow test showing a negative result on the day of the performance they are attending. In this way we can ensure everyone is protected.Please note we will not ask for evidence of the above, we trust you will think of others and take the responsible action.

We will shortly be sending out a survey to all audience members asking for feedback and I would ask that you take a few minutes to complete this so we can ensure we are taking into consideration concerns people may still have.