This was my third visit to Acapela Studios since the reopening of the venue and was by far the rowdiest – which was no bad thing.
I’ve been a Fleetwood Mac lover since the earliest days and I even love the middle years from 1971-74 where the band had constant changes but managed to produce some fabulous music which many Fans have not even heard. I urge them to go and seek out the run of albums between Then Play On to Heroes Are Hard To Find – then go and have a look at Bob Welch’s Solo Work. Another tragic chapter in the incredible Fleetwood Mac story.
But back to the show.
With a set list and catalogue of songs to kill for the Sold Out Show was bound to be a success and it was. It was also great to see a nicely female heavy mixed age audience singing away to all of the songs.
The band opened the show with a storming version a Stevie Nicks 1983 solo track, Stand Back from her Wild Hearts album. A great way to kick off Part One of tonight’s show and the crowd was singing along right from the off.
For track 2 it was back to 1987 and Tango In The Night for Christine McVie’s Isn’t It Midnight which gave  Paul, the guitar player, a chance to show us his skill. And to be fair he was on great form all evening with both guitar and vocals.
This is not a band who mimic The Mac. They play their songs in their own unique style and when given the chance, such as in Midnight, they use the opportunity to bring something different to the party in terms of improvisation. And with such well known songs I found this rather refreshing throughout the evening.
By the time of the final song of the set the crowd were cheering, dancing and singing along with abandon as the band launched into Don’t Stop. It was great to see people enjoying themselves after almost 2 years of enduring lockdown. And this was the perfect song for all that pent up energy and emotion to be released. By now I was just sitting there smiling like the Cheshire Cat, just drinking it all in. Absolutely Glorious,
The crowd were so up for it now, the band was not getting away without an encore so they came back with The Chain and ended the show with a blistering version of Go Your Own Way which took me right back to the summer of 1977. Glorious memories indeed.
I was quite unprepared for just how emotional this gig would be to me. Those songs have a resonance which has lasted over 46 years and I didn’t expect the ripples to be still moving but they still are. Little 4 minute time capsules. Music remains a mysterious alchemy of magic and emotion and as long as bands choose to play this music it will always surround us.
Thank you Fleetingwood Mac for such a fabulous evening. I’d happily pay the money to see these guys again.