Logicaltramp concert review Cardiff Acapela StudioThere is a lot of snobbery surrounding ‘Tribute’ Bands. I’ll set my stall out straight away and state that I have no problem whatsoever with Tribute Bands. In many cases, these bands provide the only outlet of hearing great songs live once again in a ‘Live’ context.

I’ve seen several tribute bands over the years. Some good, some bad. But when they do it well, a Tribute Band can give a great night of entertainment.
I’ve never seen a tribute band for Supertramp before so I have no benchmark for comparison. However, I doubt I’m going to see a better Supertramp Tribute Band than Logicaltramp.

They needed some serious instrumentation to bring those classic songs to life and they did so with plenty of elan and style.
Consisting of

Gary Hopkins – Lead Vocals (Rick Davies Songs) – Keyboards & 12 String Guitar
Tamas Csemez – Lead Vocals (Roger Hodgson Songs)
Anthony Clayton – Guitar
Serge Sainte-Rose – Piano/Keyboards
Laurent Hunziker – Saxophones/Harmonica/Backing Vocals
Alex Kundig – Bass/Backing Vocals
Grant Wildy – Drums

the band delivered an evening of top quality performances which did justice to the original recordings.

Concentrating on the classic albums Crime Of The Century & Breakfast In America, the band gave us two hours of classic Supertramp – with additional tracks from most of the Supertramp catalogue of albums.