Reopening Covid rulesFrom 7th August The Welsh Govt. has indicated that all music venues, theatres and night clubs in Wales can reopen fully. The venue will be operating with our usual capacity, however we would ask you to follow the safety requirements as listed in the poster opposite.


The venue has taken a variety of steps to be ready for reopening and this has included following at all times govt. advice. Keys areas we have improved are as follows:

VENTILATION – Just prior to lockdown we installed at considerable expense, an amazing air conditioning system which we used on half a dozen occasions before having to close for 16 months. Audience members who experienced the new system all commented on what a difference this made and how extremely comfortable concerts were instead of the very hot and humid conditions previously experienced. However, the system did not use fresh air from outside but as with the majority of air conditioning systems just recycled air and cooled it. Covid has now changed thinking on air conditioning systems and recommends companies to bring in fresh air from outside. As a result, our air conditioned system has now been amended to bring in fresh air directly from outside ensuring a constant supply of fresh air. We are also monitoring the quality of the air with CO2 monitors to ensure that a healthy environment is assured.

In addition to the above we have also installed “VirusKiller” units consisting of HEPA filters, active carbon filters, UVC light and hydroxyl technology eliminating 99.9999% of viruses, bacteria, and pollutants in one single air pass. These will be situated in the music hall and also in the ladies and gents toilets. The toilets also have new extractor fans fitted and the windows in the bar area now open allowing a constant supply of fresh air.

HEALTH CHECKS – Whilst we will not be requesting audience members to prove that they are vaccinated (unless we are legally required to!) we would encourage everyone to get vaccinated and consider being tested ( lateral flow tests are available from pharmacies) prior to attending and certainly not to attend if you have any symptoms.

We would remind everyone that the venue has a no refund ticket policy due to the contracts we have with artists. If for any reason you cannot make the event then please do remember you can transfer the tickets to a friend and they can just give the ticketholders name on the door.