Acapela Studio concerts in 2020After extensive negotiations with all artists who we have at present  unfortunately had to cancel, we are delighted to announce that the majority have already agreed new dates to return to Acapela. Our thanks to them all for their generosity and cooperation in rescheduling so that the venue and our audience can look forward to these events in the future…when business resumes!

Here are the new dates for rescheduled concerts – please note due to some cancellations some concerts that were sold out do have a few tickets that have gone back on sale:

Steve Harley Friday 20th March 2020 – to Friday 13th November 2020
Steve Harley Saturday 21st March 2020 – to Thursday 12th November 2020

Roving Crows – 13th September 2020
Gold To Rio Tribute – August 15th 2020
Never The Bride – 24th October 2020
6 Hands – 14th March 2021
Mr. T and The Minions – 9th August 2020
Bruno Mars Tribute – 8th August 2020
Big Gospel Choir –  26th July 2020
Kizzy Crawford – 6th August 2020
Lionness – Amy Winehouse Tribute 16th October 2020
Dean Friedman – 27th July 2020
Mal Pope – 23rd August 2020

We have contacted all ticket holders informing them of the new dates and offering a full refund if they cannot make the rescheduled concerts – requests for refunds must be received by 1st April 2020. If any concert is not held all ticket monies will be refunded. After this date our normal no ticket refund policy applies.

All requests for refunds have been immediately processed.

Acapela Studio – looking forward to the future

We have received a few enquiries expressing concern with regard to the impact of Coronavirus on the long term future of the venue – it’s lovely to know that Acapela plays an important part in the lives of our loyal audience. We would like to assure everyone that the venue is financially very well managed and whilst the current situation is certainly not welcomed we are still looking forward to the future.

We had kept August free of events for us to redecorate the venue so now we are looking to transfer as many cancelled events to August and have brought forward the decorating – in this way the short term impact will be negligible with the concerts now being conducted later in the year.

Finally just to confirm all ticket monies are held in a separate bank account from the Acapela Studio current accounts in order that artist fees are always available and also so that at anytime a concert is cancelled the monies are available to refund ticket holders immediately.

All the above allows ticket buyers to be confident that whether a concert is cancelled or rescheduled on a date you cannot make you will receive a refund. We continue to book new acts for you to enjoy in the future, so please do ensure you book your tickets for these new events so you don’t miss out.