Nick Baker AKA Macwood Fleet reviews the Yourthymics.

I love ALL types of Music. My 63 years has opened me up to decades of fabulous music as it happened. From The Beatles & Beach Boys through to The Carpenters, John Denver, Glam Rock, The Philly Sound, Disco, Punk, Ska, The New Romantics, Electronic Music, The West Coast Sound, ECM Jazz etc etc etc.

As time marches forward, our heroes start to fall away and leave us, either to go to The Great Gig In The Sky or just retirement or perceived lack of an audience. I was never affluent enough to go to gigs until the late 80s. But by God I’ve made up for it now, although for domestic circumstances I’m now limited to Wales. Which is why I’m so grateful to have a venue like Acapela within travelling distance.

I see a lot of artists at what is my favourite venue. It works out over the year that I’m there every week.

And I go to ALL types of gigs. Solo Artists, Groups, Singer Songwriters and various Tribute acts too. Indeed, it is left to the tribute acts to play the songs of our ‘lost heroes’, otherwise we would never hear these songs played live again. Tonight, I witnessed a Tribute ‘Experience’ which is probably THE Best tribute act I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen quite a few I can tell you.

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