Live audience attitudes

Live audience attitudes report – click here to read full report

We are getting ready to open as soon as we get the go ahead and making lots of preparations so that we adhere to any regulations that are required. Part of these preparations include understanding what our audience consider important and a survey undertaken by the Music Venue Trust provides some interesting and very positive feedback.

The headline findings from 25,000 respondents were:

  • Fans want live music, and they want it now. Over 50% of fans are ready to attend music events right now if they could, with a further 25% ready to attend once they feel the right mitigations are in place.
  • We found that fans want a normal experience – masks and social distancing may deter people.
  • Tickets are selling: 73% of fans have already bought tickets since March, and by July 63% of music fans will have been to a show.
  • The 25,000 music fans (surveyed in the UK in April) are more passionate about going to more shows than before the pandemic started.
  • Seeing an artist that they love (91%), the joy that live music brings (89%) and spending time with friends (69%) are the top three reasons mentioned by fans as to why they want to return to gigs. With 64% stating that attending live music events boosts their mental health.
  • Live music fans had to move online during the pandemic and 26% of respondents would still want to engage with live music online going forwards.

You can read the full report by clicking on the link opposite. We would really like to hear feedback from Acapela audience members also so if you have any comments on the above or would like to let us know your thoughts please email us on info@