Holy Moly and the Crackers in Cardiff WalesTo all audience members at the above concert – thank you for supporting this great band.

The first time the band appeared at Acapela early in 2018 they played to just 60 people however we thought they were really amazing and promised that if they returned we would get a full house for them. And thanks to you we did!

It is clear that a good majority of the audience attending had never seen them live or possibly even heard the band before and we would like to thank you all for “taking a risk” and supporting the band. We know people love tribute bands and the big names we see performing at Acapela but what really excites us is when we and an audience discover something new. In this internet age young bands need every support and having spoken to the band after the event they were thrilled by their visit to the venue – having driven a very long way to do so. Most of the best concerts we see at Acapela are indeed from bands no one has ever heard of!

The reaction on social media, emails and in person we have received telling us how much you enjoyed the concert has been amazing particularly mentioning the energy of the performance that the band created with their great musical style. Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoyed the concert.

Anyway if you enjoyed “Holy Moly and the Crackers” and want something similar we would ask you to take a look at “3 Daft Monkeys” that appear at the venue on the 22nd March see https://acapela.co.uk/events/3-daft-monkeys/ …we hope to see you then for another exciting evening..if not before.